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The Future is Hybrid

The data is clear: 90% of C-suite executives plan to support a hybrid working model. If your processes are heavily reliant on paper or legacy applications, you need an end-to-end solution to manage records, categorize them, provide digital copies and ensure your information management is future-proof.

“Organizations expect the volume of information coming into their organizations to grow to 4.5x over the next two years.”
-AIIM 2021 Report
Transform without disrupting the speed of business

A Solution to Pressing RIM Challenges

Managing hybrid paper and digital environments requires a responsive, integrated and comprehensive strategy. Leveraging the latest cloud and AI technologies for digital workflows, files, content and data is key to maintaining a competitive advantage. Access Unify delivers a seamless experience while empowering your staff with 24/7 digital document access through the Access Unify platform or your existing system.

Access Unify:
A Complete Suite of Future-Proof Solutions

Active File Service

Evolve the physical & digital management of your records, with digital delivery of your active files in under 4 hours
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Secure Compliance

Extract and manage retired application content electronically while meeting information governance requirements
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AI Auto-Classification

Improve document identification, categorization and management with machine learning classification

AI File Indexing

Automatically extract important keywords from every document and deliver relevant indexed data

Access Unify

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